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Hello, guys.

I have a Galax GTX 1070 SNIPER WHITE. It's a dual fan model but fairly huge, which led me to buy a RISE support in order to prevent the GPU from bending due to gravity. Thing is: the best position I found to put the support isn't safe on the base because there's a 1mm gap between the support base and the floor of my case, so frustrating. I'm considering to make a base on my own. What kind of material would you suggest me to use? I'm afraid of getting a material that could be potentially dangerous since eletricity and heat stuffs go on in the case.

Or would you guys suggest anything else?

My case is pretty close to me and I really dislike the fact the table where it's shakes with few movements (which could contribute to the GPU bending).

Thank you in advance!
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    I personally hold up my heavy GPUs (copper based heatsinks) using the PSU cables. Might not be the smartest idea, but at least I'm not spending time rigging up custom solutions to counteract gravity.

    Try to tug the PSU cables a little more behind the case and see if that works to hold up the GPU.
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