HI i want to overclock my cpu! (amd fx6100)

My system setup: Gigabyte 970a ds3 -motherboard
Gigabyte radeon rx 460 oc series 4Gb
Amd fx 6100 six core processor - stock cooler, under aida64 stress test 56C
kingston hyperx fury 8gb 1600mhz ram- 1x, I will buy an another one
video card driver: radeon 17.6.2
fsp raider 650 - psu
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    That is not really a motherboard I would recommend you overclock with, it only has a 4 phase VRM and its not heatsinked. Also the stock cooler wont give you a lot of head room for overcloking. If you do try this I would point a fan directly at that vrm or it might end up overheating and throttling the cpu. I linked an overclocking guide below.
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