Help with high CPU temps.


I recently built my first pc and am concerned my cpu temps are a tad too high, when idling and under heavy gaming.

When idling it often hovers around 50 degrees C, and under heavy load it's around 72 C.

I am using a Ryzen 5 1600 with the stock cooler, MSI B350 mobo, MSI GTX 1080, 16gb ddr4 ram, and the two included case fans.

Do you think I should invest in additional case fans or upgrade the cpu cooler?

I use the NZXT s340 elite case and would be open to water cooling as long as it's not too difficult to install or expensive. (would love to stay below the $60 mark for additional cpu cooler).

Thanks for all your input!
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    The stock wraith cooler on those Ryzen is actually a very decent cooler, so I'm doubting the cooler itself is the issue.

    Idle temps are usually @ 10°C higher than room temperatures, give or take, so unless your pc is in India, and it's summertime and there's no air conditioning, yes, 50's is very high for idle. 72 for gaming loads can be considered high, depends a lot on the games, the cpu settings for voltage etc and just how hard the cpu is pushed.

    First thing I'd do is update the bios to the latest available from the mobo manufacturer. I'd also update any and all motherboard drivers as well.

    Check the mount on the cpu cooler, make sure it's correct, I believe there's 2 slots available for use on the bracket, it should be on the tightest, and not sloppy loose.

    Should have 1 fan as intake, 1 as exhaust, not both as exhaust.

    What are you using to read the temps?
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