Is there anyway to use a Deepcool GamerStorm Captain 120 (non EX) on an AM4 motherboard?

I had gotten this cooler for free from a family member. I'm planning to buy a Ryzen system with the 1500x but the Deepcool Captain 120 doesn't have AM4 compatibility. I really want to use this cooler and I don't have the extra funds to buy a new cooler. I'm close to just using the stock cooler for now but should I ziptie the Captain on? Also, do you guys know if Deepcool will come out with a mounting bracket for the Captain 120?
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    That model is listed as discontinued on their website, so I'd say the chances of a model specific AM4 bracket are slim.

    However, if the blocks on their newer coolers (or the EX version) are the same design, there might be a chance that the AM4 bracket for it will fit yours.

    Best thing is to contact them and find out

    As far as zip tying it... it's doable but risks not cooling properly if you don't get it secured evenly
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