cpu-z show dual channel / Bios single channel

I recently bought to my dell laptop (7567 gaming) a new memory stick (8gb ddr4 2400mhz), now I have 16GB.

In the Bios is showing my 16Gb amount, but the channel says - "Single".

if a open Cpu-z is showing dual channel.

Below my specs (cpu-z).

Memory (RAM)
Total Size
16384 MB
Dual Channel (128 bit) DDR4-SDRAM
1197.1 MHz - Ratio 1:18
18-17-17-39-2 (tCAS-tRC-tRP-tRAS-tCR)
Slot #1 Module
Smart Modular 8192 MB (DDR4-2400) - P/N: SF4641G8CK8IWGKSEG
Slot #2 Module
Crucial Technology 8192 MB (DDR4-2400) - XMP 2.0 - P/N: BLS8G4S240FSD.16FB

My Bios information is incorrect ?
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  1. You have 2 sticks of RAM so it should run in dual channel. probably your bios information is just incorrect.
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  2. Remove a RAM stick, run a benchmark like PasMark, note the RAM speed test. Run it 3 times and take the average. Install the second stick and run it 3 times again, take the average. See if there is much difference.
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