Intel Core i7 7700K with Corsair H100i V2 High Temp issue

I've recently built a PC with i7 7700K, Asus Z270E MBD, H100i V2 Liquid cooler, Corsair 850W Platinum PSU, G.Skill Tridentz 16GB 3200Mhz RAM, IN WIN 303 cabinet.

I have plugged the cooler (H100i V2) to the CPU_FAN port of the MBD and the two stock fans of H100i v2 to corsair's power supply extension.

- I have no graphics card installed on my computer yet.But Installed few basic softwares + Visual Studio + VMware Workstation + few small games.
- I have also installed the Corsair LINK software and kept the fan speed in "Balanced" mode
- No Overclocking | Stock CPU freq | ASUS BIOS : XMP disabled, CPU core not synchronized | CPU default voltage
- My Room temperature is within 22 - 24 °C
- I have used the pre-applied paste while installing the cooler

The idle temperature (with a load of 5 to 8% varying) of the CPU is always between 45 - 55 °C
when i do a stress test using Prime 95 / OCCT the temp shoots up to 92 °C
When i overclock the CPU in BIOS and run the Prime 95 test then temp reached 100 °C

So, should I stop worrying and start playing? Or should I take some steps to try and reduce the temperature? Also, do I need to check the voltages for my CPU cooler?
Please suggest and advice
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    There is a topic literally at the current time right next to this post. As I'm 99% your the same person but changed names the posts should be merged. Also, you either installed the AIO incorrectly, have the fans hooked up incorrectly, bad paste, not seated correctly, or a faulty AIO. Al this advise was given to you prior to starting a new thread.
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  2. make sure its mounted properly those temp are not good
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