Need help getting a graphics card

All 580's, 480's and 1060's and 980's are out of stock and I need a decent graphics card that can run 1080p. $300 budget
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  1. Now is not the best time to buy them due to all the cryptocurrency mining hype lately. Not only are the items on higher demand (out of stock), but also very expensive.
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    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini, ZT-P10610A-10L, 3GB GDDR5 Super Compact 278.99
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  3. Asus strix gtx 1060 6gb, great card, it costs $280, rn due to demand its very expensive like all graphics cards at the moment but when the price lowers i recommend the card
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  4. if you are in canada, i feel your pain, depending on the games you wanna play, want to go for 1050 ti if you want one right now. if not then scrape extra money and buy a 1060 or something from amazon or some local store. then the last option is to wait. i have a gtx 750 2gb not the ti and i gotta deal with it for the time being. maybe for the next many years D:
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