What Fans Should I use for Intake on P400S

Should I be using static pressure fans or airflow fans on the intake of my P400S? Any fan suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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  1. It doesn't really matter if you're blowing into a big open space. I prefer static pressure because they are more versatile; you can swap them out or splash them anywhere in the case without worry. Sometimes, if you plan to re-organize, upgrade, or do something different like adding a radiator to the front, having to replace fans is an annoyance.
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    stock fans are good.
    if you feel you need another one, get another Phanteks fan, they are some of the best.

    this whole Static Pressure vs. Airflow discussion isn't really up to date.
    a Phanteks F140SP has better static pressure than a Corsair SP140 and better airflow than a Corsair AF140 at the same time.
    really high pressures are usually achieved by higher noise levels.

    long story short
    Phanteks, Noctua, Cougar fans if you feel the need for a nother fan.
    series doesn't really matter, any will do
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