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Hello guys, I believe my psu failed me once again , i've faced problems since i got it , i wasn't quite sure if it was the psu and im still not , but ill change it anyways, It's a thermaltake se 630w and what im facing is random shutdowns while playing games like the power stopped, changed gpu, still does the same. My system is i5 4690k + gtx 970 g1 gaming 1 HDD 3 120mm fans, 2x 4gb ram, consindering upgrading a bit with a cpu cooler and a ssd in the future, my budget for the new PSU is ~90$ , help me choose one . Thanks in advace :D
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    XFX 550W.
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  2. Not really familiar what should I look in a psu except watt and certification. That one is 550 and bronze certification, if I recall correctly seasonic has a same watt but gold certification, why should I go for the xfx?
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  3. The XFX is a SEASONIC and 80 plus is just an efficiency.

    Go for the gold if you want to save a few pennies ion the electricity bill.
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  4. I actually read today was the certification was, I'm fine with the bronze i guess, so the xfx xtr series are fine? I would prefer a fully modular or at least semi, feel free to pin a more expensive one with some module things, sorry for the many questions and thanks again for the answers =)
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