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I was given a custom build computer. I don't know much about it. I was wondering if there was a way to figure out what parts are inside or just open it up and google every part I can see.
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  1. can give you a fairly detailed part list sans the PSU and case.

    This is assuming the rig does have an OS and is running normally.
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  2. It does run. It's just slow and I need to know what to do to speed it up
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  3. Dylan_2482 said:
    It does run. It's just slow and I need to know what to do to speed it up

    If you have installed Speccy, please C+P your summary page into a reply. You can also look above the text box you use when replying and look for a Polaroid icon. C+P a picture hosting site's URL that ends in png, BMP, jpeg or other picture extension...We can then look into ways to accommodate your need for speed.
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  4. You can also This PC > Right click > Properties > Device Manager, but there's less info here.
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    I have used Belarc Advisor through several generations of hardware and software. It provides a comprehensive look at all hardware and software on your system. In addition it will provide serial numbers of keys for your installed software. I suspect that it would also report info on any warez yo might have installed. I cannot address that question - never tried!
    I particularly like that as far as I can remember I have never received any promotional emails from Belarc; the home page gives a good idea of their product mix and that is all I have seen.
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