Laptop issues....... why does my screen flicker or lag alot on games and not on desktop???

So i have had my laptop for a long time. and the issue is when i play games like csgo,gta, or more the screen starts to flicker and begins tear.....! i have heard to turn on vsync on the games but it still doesn't work and i was wondering if there any answers.
My Specs:
ATI 3200HD Radeon Graphics 256mb
AMD Turionx2 64 processor
256 gb of RAM
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  1. This is some kind of joke right? You do realize that your laptop is absolute crap?
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  2. fuck off dude!!!!! im serious!!!!! if ur not gonna help fuckoff!!!!
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  3. Dude, I am serious!! Your laptop is archaic. A Turion processor. An old ATI HD GPU with a measly 256mb of VRAM. What's the 4gb supposed to be? And that 256gb of ram can't be right. Either you are trolling or you are ignorant.
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  4. dude im not both so what if i got a shitty laptop...... its better than anything.... plus it runs good games and everything. look im just doing this cuz my screen flickers alot ok. sorry for the mean comment but i am serious. plus the same shit would happen on a new pc. so if u have any idea how to fix it thx!
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    The screen flickers precisely because your laptop is so old. PC's don't last forever.

    However, I guess you can try reinstalling the graphics driver. If that doesn't work, I think it's time to get a new rig.
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  6. thx!!!! it worked!! bro look i hope there are no hard feelings...... the thing im probely get a new one or just build one!! thx tho it fixed it
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  7. I hope you didn't just install a new driver on top of the old one.

    How you should go on about doing it is as following.

    Download the application from this site:

    Run it and it tells you to boot into safe mode, comply as the application tells you.

    Once you boot into safe mode, run the application again and select AMD drivers from the list, use the application to completely remove all traces of your graphics card drivers from your PC, then do a restart to boot back into regular mode, then do a clean install of your graphics driver. This way, chances that you'll get flickering again are much smaller. However, if you get flickering later even after following these instructions, then your laptops LCD or LED panel .....whichever it uses, might be damaged.
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  8. thx dude it really worked!!! thx!!!
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