Getting a GTX 1060, wondering if I should buy the i5 6600k or 6500 as a partner to it, which is better?

I'm building my first computer soon, and wondering if the GTX 1060 would be better off with a i5 6600k or a 6500. Thanks!
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    The GTX 1060 would work with either. The main consideration is: 6500K = if you want to OC; 6500 = if you do not intend to OC.

    However, if you are building a new system, the Intel i5's have a poor value as of today. I would highly suggest looking into the Ryzen 5 CPUs, which have better price/performance and better upgradability compared to the i5. Best value would be the Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2GHz - 3.6GHz, 6-core/12-thread, OC'able, 65W, with decent CPU cooler included) which is cheaper by ~$20 compared to the i5-6500K (3.5GHz - 3.9GHz, 4-Core/4-thread, OC'able, 91W TDP, no CPU cooler included) and almost the same price as the i5-6500 (3.2GHz - 3.6GHz, 4-Core/4-thread, non-OC, 65W TDP, with mediocre CPU cooler).
  2. I agree an AMD build would be far better bang for you buck. 4C/4T CPUs are no longer the go to for gaming. 4C/8T is the new entry level in gaming and 4C/4T is what 2C/4T was before....the lowest CPU you dare use to game.
  3. Also note that this is going to be what I'm going off of as my base build, so here- and yeah I will probably get the Ryzen CPU.
  4. You should go with the amd ryzen which gives you a best performance on that budget otherwise going with 6500K is go to the hell.
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