I5 7500 vs r5 1600?

I was planning on pairing the 7500 with a z270 board so that in future i could buy an overclockable intel cpu but im sruck between that and a ryzen 5 1600 and b350 board.
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  1. What will you be doing? Strictly gaming? Streaming? Photo editing?
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  2. Dabble in photo ending but nowhere near professional things, mostly gaming
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  3. I would either get an unlocked CPU now, or don't bother getting a Z board. If anything, get an i7 now with a cheaper board and enjoy the higher base clockspeed and increased thread count.

    The R5 1600 is in a different league from the i5, which is more of a 1500X competitor.
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  4. I'd go with the Ryzen 1500 then. However if you want to get a better bang per buck, you could go Intel Pentium G4560. It does pretty well with fighting with the i5 7500 and arguably beating the i3 line up completely. However, if you got the cash you could just go with the Ryzen 1500. (Personally, I am interested in building a Intel Pentium G4560 since I only hear good things)
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  5. The G4560 isn't an i5 competitor, not does it beat any recent Core i3. Its merit is that it offers 90% of i3 performance at half the price. It's a decent stopgap CPU, but truth be told, few actually upgrade, and it's usually best to buy what you need at the beginning.
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  6. R5 1600, b350 and 2x4gb 2666mhz ram it is then
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    If you can't get the 7700K, the R5-1600/1600X would be my next choice.....
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