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when i enable the preinstalled XMP the pc doesnt boot its just beeps 3 times then shuts down, im trying to get the 3000mhz rated speed out of these things instead of it running at 2133 forever. My system is AB350 gaming 3 motherboard, AMD ryzen 1600 @ 3.8ghz, GTX 1070 founders edition and the G Skill Trident Z RGB ram rated at 3000mhz
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    Do you have the latest BIOS?

    What model is the RAM?

    Enable XMP, then lower DRAM Frequency until the system can boot properly.
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  2. There are problems on most 3000mhz ram on Ryzen systems, first: ram timings need to be higher. Try like 18-18-18-46-60. 3.8 Ghz is good, but 3.7 is better, bcs you can lower CPU volt under Stock, and both ram timings and Hz will oc higher=less watt/noise/temp vs the extra 2.5%cpu speed/ 2-4 extra fps in games and dont forget the very high way, in the end you will gain nothing. I always do OC where Ram Timing and Watt is my main concern. I have TridenzZ 3200, but ryzen/trident sweetspot on stock Volt is 2966hz.(even 3066 on these 3200=very high Ram timings).... My 24/ OC=3.7ghz-1.244V....2966Hz, 1.35V,14-14-14-30-52..CineB=1250, (14-13-13-30-52 was slower-wierd?)....also remove any RGB software, until there is new BIOS update
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  3. I run 32GB of TridentZ on a Ryzen rig at 3200 14 14 14 34 @ 1.35v after the latest bios update with no issues whatsoever. The only time I need to bump RAM voltage / SOC voltage is when I overclock the CPU past 3.9.
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  4. i sadly have the tridenz F4 3200C16D-GTZ, NO Samsung B-die..but hopefully a new BIOS update can fix..
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