new to overclocking. need help about temps

okay guys so i just sucessfully overclocked my ryzen 5 1600z to 3900 ish, and i just want to make sure its temps are ok. so at idle its around 60, but when playing games its around 70 and tops out at 80 for a few seconds going back to 75. are these temps ok? more importantly are they safe. and if they will affect the cpus life. by how much,

kind regards
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  1. Didn't you mean Ryzen 5 1600 "X" ??
    Those temps are within allowed range but which cooler do you have ?
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    Those temps are fine, I tend to keep things just around 80°C maximum. As for CPU lifespan, more often than not it's the voltage that tends to damage the lifespan of the CPU. So if you can manually reduce the voltage and keep it stable, you could pick up some life in it. My advice would be to try to get it below 1.45 volts, anything beyond that you'll start to see a decrease in longevity so the closer you get it to 1.35v the better
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