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I was wondering i bought 16GB 3200mhz (O.C) Cosair Vengance ram and im running it in a MSI X370 SLI PLUS. The motherboard comes with some software and one of those is the MSI control centre and when i open it up and go to DRAM it says i have 2133mhz ram... Do i need to go into my bios and overclock this by myself or like will it overclock itself if nessairy i dont understand.
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  1. Anything over the base clock of 2133mhz is considered "overclocked". The RAM you have is just rated to overclock to 3200mhz. You need to set this in the BIOS, either by inputting the settings manually, or turning on XMP in the BIOS (or DOCP like on my Crosshair VI).
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  2. So i went to my bios and enabled XMP and set it to 3200mhz however then my computer tried to boot a couple times and a screen came up saying that the system was unable to boot and the settings have been returned to default... however when i enable XMP and set it to AUTO my computer does boot but when i check its frequency with the MSI software that came with my mobo it still says 2133mhz.
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    Have you updated to the latest BIOS? Ryzen motherboards had a lot of memory issues at the beginning and BIOS updates have cured them. Very likely yours is having such an issue.

    Also want to make sure the exact model number of your RAM is on this list
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  4. Yes you should check that performance profile is on
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