overclock I7 6700K and 1070 on 500w psu

Can i overclock my I7 6700K and 1070 with a 500w psu?

MOBO: Asrock z170 Extreme4
CPU: Intel i7 6700k 4.0GHz (Noctura D14 cooling)
GPU: MSI Gaming X gtx 1070
RAM: 8gb 2133MHz
HDD: 1TB WD Blue
PSU: 500w Corsair OS:
Win 10 pro 64bit
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  1. I wouldn't. A 500W PSU is the minimum recommended for the GTX 1070. And that's reference 1070; no factory OC. What model Corsair PSU do you have?
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    I expect it will be fine, but it depends on the specific unit - a high quality unit will have no issues running close to capacity, while a low quality unit may deliver dirty power even at low load.

    Some years back I had a heavily overclocked Q6600 (105w TDP) and a pair of OC'd HD4870's (160w TDP x2) running off of a Fortron 460w power supply. It was one of the better units of the day, and ran for 6 or 7 years before I parted out the machine and upgraded everything. By comparison your CPU has a 91w TDP and your GPU, 150w. Your motherboard and RAM are probably a lot less power hungry than the older DDR2 and 775 board I was using.

    Another point of reference, the system in my signature draws about 160w at the wall under torture testing with a mild OC - about 4ghz on the CPU and a slight GPU clock bump. If we assume 85% PSU efficiency, that's only maybe 135-140w that the power supply has to supply, making the 400w unit I have massive overkill for even an OC'd i5 and 1050 Ti.
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