Chipsets? Is it worth upgrading my motherboard?

I heard awhile ago that newer chipsets allow your GPU/CPU/RAM to run faster and more efficiently.
Is this true?

If so, should I worry about upgrading my Sabertooth z87 motherboard that is a few years old, or should I just buy a 1080 TI and a i7 7700K and keep the motherboard. (Currently have a GTX 970 and a i5-4460 CPU)
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    You won't be able to run a 7700k in that motherboard, so if you want it you MUST upgrade it. In which case you'll also have to upgrade your RAM.

    It's not that newer motherboards allow it to run more efficiently(even though they do), it's that it's required to upgrade for new sockets.
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  2. Why won't the motherboard take the i7 7700k?
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  3. DrGreen said:
    Why won't the motherboard take the i7 7700k?

    It doesn't support the correct socket for the i7 7700k. The 7700k requires LGA 1151, while your motherboard only supports LGA 1150 (4th gen CPUs).

    If the socket is different, then the CPU won't fit.
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  4. the Z87 motherboard is socket 1150 and the 7700k is socket 1151, they will not work together. For the i7 7700k you will need a Z270 board.

    If it was me and really wanted an i7, I would drop a 4790k in and call it a day. There are slight gains from a 4790k to a 7700k that is not worth the money spent for new cpu, MB, and ram to justify it to me. I would wait till intel drops its new cpus or socket to contend with ryzen.

    For me my next move will be from my 4670k to socket 2066
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  5. I could've sworn that I heard 1150 / 1151 would work both ways. I must've dreamt it or something.

    Thank you guys. I wish I could pick you both for the best solution.
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