Old router, at least 10 years old. Is it slowing down my internet?

Let me describe you my router
TL-wr340g TP-LINK (54M Wireless Router)
I bought it back in 2008, it's at least 10 years old (I restart it every now and then).
Recently, I started experiencing random ping and when I call my ISP they say there is nothing wrong with my connection. When I test my internet throughout speedtest/testmynet I have max 40 ping in various EU servers but when I go in some games I experience pings every now and then. It's like a 2-3sec lag and it stops for a while.
So, do I have to get a new router to test if it was really me or what should I do?
Also, I'm not achieving the download speed that speedtest/tesmynet shows. It's like 4mbs less than it should be.
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    "Also, I'm not achieving the download speed that speedtest/tesmynet shows. It's like 4mbs less than it should be."
    Most ISP's oversell speeds. Example: I pay for 50mbps but I typically I would expect to get less than that. 40mbps would be fine but if I couldn't get over 20mbps I'd be making a phone call.

    "It's like a 2-3sec lag and it stops for a while."
    I would run a continued ping on the server I'm connected to while playing. If the ping stops or becomes very delayed then you know it's a connection issue but if the ping stays steady while the game lags it may actually be a computer issue. I've seen drive errors/issues cause annoying game lag like your experiencing.

    Bottom line: run chkdsk C: /R on your game drive and see if that helps.
    If you don't know what the server name/ip address is then just run a constant ping on and see if it stops when your pc freezes up. If yes, you've got a connection issue. If no, it could be a PC issue or an issue connecting to that specific game server.
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  2. a 10 years old router is not as powerful as the new ones (even basic models)

    you TL-wr340g TP-LINK is a 100MB/S router, all known to me ISP can handle 1GB/s so I would just based on that alone suggest an upgrade.
    another factor is older router cannot handle as many simultaneous connections on wifi than the new ones can, its just a developmental fact.
    and for that fact as well I would get a new one.
    and lastly the speed over WIFI have been much superior to IEEE 802.11g which is 2.4GHz 54Mb/s, where most basic newer router have 2.4 and 5ghz bands, and over 300Mb/S Wi-Fi speeds

    is your router a good router.... for its time it was.... time to upgrade.

    before buying one, may I suggest you tally how many hard wired and Wi-Fi devices you have, counting phone, TV, computers, laptop tablets etc., to get a router that will be sufficient for needs and not be the bottleneck

    also what MODEM is your ISP making you use or you bough to use to connect to your ISP, as that also fact into the internet lag and speeds available to you.
    older models have older protocols and less speed compressions than the new modems and therefore also another bottleneck on your internet
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