M.2 960 EVO and 840 PRO (256MB)

i buy a new 960 evo m.2 and i have an old ssd 840 pro, i install win10 on both... and the 840 pro its must but must faster than the 960 evo on startup.
on samsung magician benchmark the 960 have the iops at 398.623 and 276.857 but the writing 2,013 and read 1.608
the 840 pro iops at 143.585 and 113.745 but the writing 8,145 and read 6.858

the 960 dont should be much faster than an old ssd?

Which one i choose to run OS?


7700k (4.5)
MSI Tomahawk z270
16Gb Corsair 3200mhz
GTX 1080
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  1. update the BIOS of your motherboard in BIOS itself via M-Flash

    Boot windows from the 960, if it´s faster after the BIOS update.

    did you install windows seperately on each ssds? One SSD installed at a time while installing windows?

    did you install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver ?
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  2. hello,
    thanks for you help,
    i already update bios before i install win.
    the windows are installed separated and the other ssd disconnect.
    i install the drivers after installing win.
    and this are the results....
    and i run cpuz benchmark on 840 the result is faster 2% 3%
    i really dont understand.
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  3. fast boot enabled?

    Standard defaults loaded after the BIOS update of version 7A68v12 (1.2)
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  4. Did you install windows in UEFI mode?
    "Intel® RST only supports PCIe M.2 SSD with UEFI ROM,
    does not support Legacy ROM." (source: manual of MSI)

    Is the M.2 SSD installed in the M2_1 or in the M2_2 slot?
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  5. hello,
    the fast boot are enable.
    in bios i already config after the bios update.
    the 960 are in the m2_2 slot.
    about uefi rom i really dont know well.... can you please help me uefi to mi its a little confuse.

    i already format the 960, waiting for bios config to install a new win. maybe a do something wrong.
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    in bios there is an option UEFI Rom or legacy ROM
    set "UEFI and Legacy BIOS Mode“ to „UEFI only“

    if the BIOS was resetted (load standard defaults in BIOS), UEFI should be fine there

    use the microsoft media creation tool to get a bootable usb flash drive, boot the flash drive in UEFI mode and install windows

    eventually you will have to format the usb flash drive into GPT and use Rufus to install windows in uefi mode
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  7. hello,
    this board dont have this option on bios i can not see, dont have any option for uefi mode only for boot
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  8. hello,
    the problem is the bios i have to flash for 5 times
    one time dont boot to windows, other dont read the m.2
    i flash for 5 times and now seems to work ok.
    ths for your help
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