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So recently I've been getting into overclocking my cpu, being a i5 4690k, and it's been going fine in terms of what performance I'm getting while in Windows being a great improvement but I have this very irritating problem. I successfully manage to overclock my CPU to 4.3 GHZ at 1.2V with turbo disabled, but those are all the setting that I have changed in the bios, my motherboard being a gigabyte Z97p - D3. The overclock is completely stable and I can run stress tests with it working fine along with playing games and what not. But when go to launch the computer after switching it off for around half a day, it doesn't post the first time of launching it but on the second and it takes me to the bios, it says that my setting are not compatible with my current hard ware and I can launch Windows with the same settings as before and it works fine, it's not to much of s problem as I don't mind having to this for the extra peformace that I get but a few times now it hasn't posted at all and I've had to remove the MOBO battery to reset the bios. Has anyone got any suggestions on what the problem may be and if it can be fixed? Thanks.
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  1. I've had this exact issue with certain boards on a decent OC.
    Never got it fixed but it was never a really big deal - ran for years like that until I upgraded.
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