Will i have to buy a new copy of Windows ?

The thing is that I plan to replace my laptop's hard drive with a SSD. So will i have to buy a new copy of Windows or is there a way around. It is currently running on Windows 7 and I still have the product key if that helps in any way.
Thanks in advance ^_^.
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  1. Hi, no. You can clone the HDD (provided the SSD has plenty of space for the contents of the HDD) If you buy a samsung SDD, it will come with cloning software which is brilliant and very easy to use. The SSD will work exactly as the HDD did before. Including the name of your previous HDD!

    If you need the instructions on the cloning procedure, let us know!

    Hope this helps.
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  2. Thank you for your suggestion, I really appreciate it but isn't there anything else i could do like somehow just installing the Windows and nothing else. (Clean Install)
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  3. If you want to do a complete fresh install onto the SSD, then yes, you would need to purchase a new copy of windows, as the product key you have has already been used. Technically you could use the same product key to install Windows on as many computers as you want, but it's not legal, and you will not be able to activate Windows on more than one computer at a time. Which means you will not receive updates ect. I just thought you wanted to avoid buying another copy, as per your original question.

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  4. Actually I have to disagree with that, laptop windows versions are 99.9% of time OEM, they are tied to laptop hardware (pretty much motherboard only) and as such, changing hard disk to SSD and reinstalling windows 7 with old key should pose no problems in any way or form.
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  5. You can reinstall the OS in the same system, no problem.
    An OEM Win 7 license can only be used in that same system.
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