Help with PCIe M.2 SSD with UEFI ROM

I just bought this M.2 SSD - My MOBO (MSI B150 Gaming M3), says it supports PCIe M.2 SSD with UEFI ROM and not Legacy ROM - how can I figure out what type that SSD is. Product listing has no information. Is that SSD going to be compatible with my MOBO. Will it be compatible?
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    It's compatible. What that's telling you is you must be set to UEFI, without CSM/Legacy support enabled in the BIOS to boot from it. Pretty standard for a modern(ish) board.,

    CSM is simply compatibility for older components (pre UEFI). GPUs , OSs etc...... but assuming you're buying modern components (B150, Skylake, 900 series or greater GPU), UEFI should be fine.
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