Best games which i can run on my pc

pc specs
Pentium g2010
4 gb ddr3 ram
amd r7 250 2gb gddr5
windows 10 64 bit
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  1. mainstream games: CSGO, Dota 2, LoL, etc (if u like em)
    games like Skyrim and Fallout should be playable at your PC
    but determining which game is the best depends on your preference
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  2. can i run gta 4 at high settings in 40 fps
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  3. shashankpandey said:
    can i run gta 4 at high settings in 40 fps

    I wouldn't count on it. GTAIV doesn't run well on any system.
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  4. shashankpandey said:
    can i run gta 4 at high settings in 40 fps

    With that spec? Impossible
    That spec can barely run it at low ( GTA is CPU intensive so u need stronger CPU, and for high setting u need better GPU) even my system now (u can see at my profile) can only run it at 40 high (which is your target ) and it's stuttering a lot so I had to cap it to 30
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  5. so i cannot gta 4 also

    but gamedebate shows that my pc is better than the game reccomended requirement
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    Your GPU does meet the 'recommended' requirements for GTA IV, but the CPU does not. You will get very low fps regardless of resolution or graphical settings as a result.

    I don't know what 'recommended' refers to in terms of resolution/settings, but for a PC it was probably 720p + Medium settings back in 2008.

    Ignoring the CPU for a moment, that GPU will still struggle a bit with High settings at 720p, at with 1080p you have no hope of a consistent 40 fps on High.

    Maybe Medium settings at 720p (with a more powerful CPU) you will have a chance of 40 to 45fps.
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  7. You should try old games? GTA SA, VC etc. if you like gta games, then there is half life, minecraft, garry's mod (at low settings and not high load maps) or you could play point click adventure or (else) games. The walking dead, Emily is away, sara is missing or 2d games like Kindergarden which are also fun!! Correct me if I am wrong guys!
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