Does RAM speed affect gaming or hardware?

I'm currently building for gaming

Samsung 850 evo 250gb 2.5 Gigabyte ga h97m d3h(already have) Antec earthwatts 650w 80+bronze(already have) Seagate 1tb hard drive(already have) Intel i5 4590 3.3ghz(already have) Cooler master hyper evo 212 82.9cfm sleeve bearing Kingston hyperx fury white 1600 16gb(2x8gb) Corsair carbide 400q atx mid tower
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  1. in terms or gaming it barely has a positive affect getting faster ram. it is never worth the money to upgrade. not sure what you mean by affecting hardware. can you be more specific with the question?
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    MEMORY absolutely does affect gaming and other programs, however the memory you own is sufficient for that CPU.

    Most Intel CPU's do not need high memory bandwidth, though note RYZEN is much more dependent and some games need up to 3200MHz (Dual Channel) for the best performance.


    Your CPU reads and writes to your system memory. If the system memory is too slow then the CPU is left waiting. Every program is different. In general, the more the CPU is needed the higher the bandwidth needs to be up to the MAXIMUM bandwidth needed for the CPU at 100% usage.

    (100% usage isn't the only factor as there is latency and how the code is buffered in CPU cache etc but I'm trying not to get too detailed)

    If all you need to know is whether there are potential losses due to memory speed then be assured you are fine. You MAY see VERY small benefits going above 1600MHz (again, in Dual Channel) with that CPU but it's not worth thinking about and certainly not worth the cost.

    HIGHER RESOLUTIONS in gaming also tend to use the CPU even less so at 2560x1440 for example it's extremely unlikely you'd benefit beyond 1600MHz Dual Channel with that CPU.
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