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As you'll see I'm not the brightest person when it comes to overclocking.

However, I recently just overclocked my AMD FX-4300 using the AMD overdrive software.

Under the clocking speed it was at a stock 19x but I decided to increase it to 20x. After doing so I decided to test a game out and see if everything was all good.

Once I did my game began to flicker uncontrollably so I closed it and then everything else on my computer was basically unusable.

I decided to restart my computer and see if that'll fix the issue but it proceeded :[.

So my question, is there anything I can do to fix this issue that way i can use my computer again haha. Thanks for the insight and advice in advance.
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    well probably the easy way to do it as you have a working system of sorts is to go in the bios at boot tapping "del" repeatedly and reset to bios system reset defaults or in the option to save there will be restore system defaults and then on the next boot you will have to select your hard drive as default boot and save and exit should fix it.
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  2. Yeah your best bet is to reset your cmos and see if this fixes the issue.
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