is my hdd dying

i got this gtx 980 and i7 3770 , 8 gb ram and it stuttering like hell in aaa games, because of the old hdd i am sure,when i am playing it always gets to 100/100 and even when i start the pc it sucks as hell with a 100/100 usage, can it be fixed, i tried defragment, disk doctor, and in hd tune it says that my 250 gb hdd sector is damaged, btw it gets to 56 c heat.... so it's a new hdd or nothing ....right ?
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  1. may be time to wipe and reload windows if you have not done it in awile. i would try reinstalling intel chipset drivers and try turning stuff off under windows startup see if it helps.
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  2. i am sorry, but intel chipset driver for what hardware ?
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  3. intel chipset driver is for the mb. if it damaged it can cause crazy issues with drives.
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  4. For the motherboard -- but how your helper knows it's got an Intel chipset is beyond me when you gave no mobo details yet.Could just as well be AMD at this point.
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  5. fortunately , i used driver booster to update these chipset drivers, but no solution ,
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    If you are getting bad sector errors, then it is a good bet that the drive is starting to die. Instead of wasting time with drivers and a reinstall, you may just want to shop for a new drive.

    Am I reading the post correctly that the HDD is 250GB in capacity? You can get a decent 1TB, maybe even 2TB for under $100 bucks from most stores that sell them, even Best Buy if you have to. Heck, you can get a 250GB SSD for around $100-$130 if you shop around. Either way you should see a performance boost with a new drive, especially with the SSD.
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  7. that's what i needed to hear, accually the performance is awesome , but the disk usage spoils everything from me, guess i'll go for a new drive
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