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Guys and Girls,

Need some help, not sure how many of you have a Nintendo Switch but having some online issues.

I've currently been in hospital for coming up a year and have been transferred to a rehab hospital and since I have been transferred I am unable to play online on my Nintendo Switch.

I can connect to the e-store no issues it's just multiplayer, I keep receiving the error 2618-0516 which is saying failed to connect to other users console.

I have contacted Nintendo and they say it's the ISP settings and unfortunately I have no access to settings as it's a hospital public wifi but wondering if one of you magical gurus out there could assist?

I've tried changing my DNS to the Google DNS ( but still no luck.

Also my NAT type is showing as a B which I've read should be fine.

Sorry for the long winded question but any help willl be appreciated.
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  1. The Nintendo Switch's Networking isn't great, as i have connection issues the same in my own home. Possibly the Hospital WiFi has too many people using it and the Switch isn't getting enough data. If your Hospital WiFi has a 5 Gigahertz band, try to use that instead.
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