Cpu reaches high temps (60°C) then only 33% usage

I have low-end windows 10 tablet ( )that has passive cooling. When I play Half-life 2 or stressing cpu, the temps rise up but the cpu usage go low same as Hz about (0.40 Mhz when stressed and usage about 33%). Its interesting because I cant tell FPS difference in HL2 (about 25-40). If it helps I have Intel Atom X5-Z8350. And another bonus: When watching videos on youtube Its very fast but as go time the Edge starts often freezing and being unstable when loading new site.
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    Connor_CZ said:
    (0.40 Mhz when stressed and usage about 33%).

    I think you mean 0.4Ghz
    now back to the subject
    download aida64 and stress it from the top tabs/benchmark/stress cpu
    if you see thermal throtteling ( bottom box ) that explains everything
    recommand you to close everything before test
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