Overheating i7 4790 with Corsair H60

I've recently replaced my old motherboard (MSI H81I) with a new one (ASRock H81M-ITX).
I noticed ever since the replacement, my CPU has been seeing much higher temperatures than before.

Previously, it usually got up to 75C in prime95, now I'm seeing 95 - 100C.

I've already tried reseating the waterblock and changing the thermal paste. Both seemed to do nothing. I've also made sure that the pump and fan are working, and both are working optimally.

If anyone has any ideas on a solution, I greatly appreciate your support.
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    Same case and cooler? You didn't apply too much thermal paste?
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  2. GhislainG said:
    Same case and cooler? You didn't apply too much thermal paste?

    I just took off the waterblock only to find too little thermal paste. Less than half of the IHS was covered.

    I really appreciate your help, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have found out, so thank you.
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  3. Honestly it's rare too little thermal paste is applied; most people apply so much that it isolates the CPU from the cooler (or it leaks all around the cooler).
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  4. water coolers only last so long and the AIOs are over rated. Get a D14 Noctua on it and you wont look back. your PC will look like someone that knows what they are doing built it rather than a fashion victim.
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