My PC is not booting after upgrading graphics card

PC Specification

ecs h61h2-m6 v1.0 motherboard lga 1155

intel core i3 2100

enhance 650 watt psu

2 hdd 160 gb + 1 tb

OS windows 10 64 bit

msi gtx 750 ti oc edition single fane gpu
(currently using gt 610 because my pc is not booting with 750 ti.)

(sorry for bad english) My PC was working fine with gt 610 graphics card but when I put gtx 750 ti on my motherboard, it stuck at boot screen and keep restarting after every 5 or 6 seconds. I thought my graphics card is broken but its working fine on my friend's pc. he has cooler master 500 watt psu, I thought that I have a bad psu that's why this gpu is not working in my pc so I purchased a enhance 650 watt psu but nothing changed. Still it stuck at boot screen and keep restarting. I don't know what to do now.
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  1. Can you get into the bios?
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  2. GruntBlender said:
    Can you get into the bios?

    I didn't found anything in bios which can help.
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    Have you tried updating your system bios? According to the ECS website, the board supports through Windows 8, doesn't mention 10. Most things that will run with 8 will run with 10 also, but occasionally you do have something that just won't click right.
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  4. by the way make sure you removed the old GPU drivers from your System. OLD GPU drivers can make the system not work. one of my friends had a similar issue and i had a issue when i Upgraded from GTX 680 to GTX 1080 Ti my My GPU temps were high even on idle and when playing games my PC Randomly crashes.

    so make sure you remove the old drivers from this
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  5. Try uninstalling your graphics card then rebooting your computer with your display cable hooked into the motherboard. If it boots you will need to download and install the drivers for the graphics card. Then, intall your graphics card and connect display cable to the graphics card. If all goes well it should boot up.
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  6. I updated my bios and its working fine now.

    Thanks everyone for helping me.
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  7. Aman_James said:
    I updated my bios and its working fine now.

    Thanks everyone for helping me.

    Outstanding! Happy gaming!!!
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