Does anyone know how much W the I7-7700k uses?

Please let me know!
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    "Intel Core i7-7700K vs. Core i7-6700K @ 4.5 GHz
    For our performance benchmarks, we had the Core i7-7700K compete against a Core i7-6700K at the same frequency. The latter fared pretty well, but was also close to its maximum overclocking potential. We have an above-average chip, but it's far from a golden sample.
    Consequently, we end up comparing a solid Skylake CPU to a bad Kaby Lake sample at the same clock rate. The result’s somewhat of a shocker: our Skylake CPU comes in just below Kaby Lake in our power consumption test, in spite of its manual overclock and a slightly higher voltage set in the BIOS.
    This means that a decent retail Core i7-6700K beats a below-average retail Core i7-7700K. We already feel sorry for the online retailers that’ll have to deal with the returns and exchanges generated by enthusiasts trying to get the best possible sample.",4870-8.html

    About 140 watts
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