PSU has wrong pins for mother board

I bought a new power supply and mother board, when I try to connect the power supply to the psu only half of the 4+4 pins fit into the mother board correctly. One half of the 4+4 connector is all rounded while the other half has 2 squares and 2 rounded pins. Only the side with the 2 square pins fits properly into the motherboard. My PC only works when the square side is plugged in and does not work when both halves are plugged in. Is it normal to only have one half of the 4+4 connected plugged into you motherboard?

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    Even if shapes not matching, the second half should connect just fine.
    Make sure that it is properly inserted, all the way in.
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  2. Are you sure you are using the correct cable and not one of the PCI-e cables, as they are all pretty standard now and should fit just fine with very little force, it might be that as you have a modular PSU, it actually comes with 2 CPU 12v EPS cables, one being 4+4 and the other being just an 8 pin, I know my PSU does as some of the newer boards require 2 x 8 pins, some 1 x 8pin and 1 x 4 pin and others just 1 x 8 pin.
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