Is it worth to get a 250gb SSD if I'm going to be using an HDD as well?

Basically what I'm asking is, in the case I have both an SSD and an HDD in my computer and I store my useless stuff in my HDD so only using the SSD to boot the PC and run important programs, do I need to buy a 250gb SSD or is 120gb enough?

The build I'm planning looks something like this:
-AMD Ryzen 5 1600
-MSI B350M Gaming Pro(Heard a lot of good things about this one in midrange builds)
-HyperX Fury 8gb DDR4(Will be getting another one later on)
-1TB Western Digital HDD
-GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4gb Windforce OC(Will upgrade down the line but for now it covers my needs pretty well)
-PSU ??? I'm hoping one of you can help me choose the most fitting one but thats not why you're here so don't if you don't want to.

I don't care about the extra 40$ but I'd rather spend them on a better GPU or an extra RAM so if the benefits of the 250gb SSD aren't that greater I'll probably just go with a 120gb one. In case you were about to ask, I will be using this PC mostly for streaming purposes and pretty much League and overwatch only and some lightweight ish games here and there, that's why there's such cpu-gpu discrepancy.Thanks in advance!
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    With SSD prices as low as they are today, I believe it is worth it. Windows updates and all the non-Windows stuff that HAS to be installed on C: make a 250GB a no-brainer IMO.
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