Computer crashes every time I play certain games

So basically, every time I play only certain games, my screen will go black and my PC will basically shut off. I mean, the power light stays on but there's a total black screen and all I can do is turn the PC off and back on.

Like I said, this only happens with certain games - only two of them so far: Far Cry 3 and Metro 2033. I've played Fallout: NV, Fallout 3, Dishonored, Skyrim Remastered, Everything, and Sleeping Dogs with no problems.

Here are my important specs:
- Processor: Intel i3-6100
- PSU: 430W

I mean, I don't play the newer games on the highest setting or GPU should be able to handle them. The side of my computer also doesn't seem to get hot and my fans are working properly.
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  1. Could you specify the model of the looks like the problem here.
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  2. first use hwinfo on sensor page for temp and voltages with fan readings that could be the psu that is getting hot and cut power until it cool down ,give the name and model of it .
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  3. EVGA 430 W1 100-W1-0430-KR 80+ WHITE 430W Power Supply
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  4. could you try to use another psu for test .
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