Doom or rise of the tomb raider

Cant figure out with one to get narrowed it down to these 2
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  1. So different it's hard to say mate.

    As a single player game there's a lot more to tomb raider.
    Its simply less repetitive full stop.
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  2. both, just buy the darker first, then tomb raider
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  3. I enjoyed Tomb Raider much more than Doom. If you like great single-player storylines, that's the one to get. The graphics are also just gorgeous, although they murder my GTX 970 on ultra.
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  4. I've played both games already. To be honest, Tomb Raider was the better of both games and with all the sides quests and hidden tombs.. it will take much, much longer to complete. Doom, on the other hand, isn't a bad game.. but it is very short. You can complete it in a couple of days. My biggest complain is that it felt so isolated. However, it does have quite a few puzzles on it's own to solve.
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