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So this is my first post. I accidentally posted this in components when it probably should have been posted in overclocking, but oh well its here now.
Everyone told me this was the place to go for help. I recently installed a custom liquid cooling loop into my rig. I have
360mm Radiator(mounted vertically)
X4 pump
XSPC 270 Res.
My cpu is the only thing being cooled
I have no control over pump speed as it only connects to SATA
I have tried bumping it, flipping it, rotating and knocking it to get all the air out. I let it run over night and the noise is still very audible. It sounds like the pump is hitting the walls of its own housing. More like a diesel engine starting up. I even took it apart and there were no obstructions. It is suspended so i know its not vibrating against my case. When i flip my entire case upside down while the pump is running to allow more air into the base of the pump and flip it back right side up, it is silent for about 2 minutes, then the noise is back. Any suggestions? I can add pictures and videos if need be. It is just way to load for me. I do not think it should sound this way, but i could be wrong. Any tips tricks or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance.
EDIT: It sounds almost as iif the pump is trying to move to much water
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  1. You contact the manufacturer yet? Is it still under warranty?
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  2. Need more information.

    Is water moving through the loop? Has it ever? Are there any photos of the loop setup?
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