Is 120Gb ssd enough for OS and Drivers only?

I'm planning on buying a WD green 120gb SSD. I Only intend to install the OS And Drivers. I have A HDD for games and applications. So I wanted to Know If the 120gb ssd enough for the OS and drivers alone. My budget is Tight. So I'll only Buy a 250Gb if it's necessary. Help me out please.
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    Yes, it is enough. But to make it work better you should optimize it by not using hibernation and deleting the hibernation file.

    There are also a few other things to keep from wasting space, take a look HERE at the three pages that have a few other useful suggestions.
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  2. i run a bunch of office tools including libreoffice, steam, ubiplay and some other stuff, the 120 gbs ssd remains 3/4 empty more or less

    that is with windows 10

    the steam and ubiplay libraries are on a hard disk, so the ssd is just for booting speed and to keep libraries apart from the os, making easier reinstall windows if desired
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