still getting low FPS with 1080ti

basically i have tested my 1080ti on multiple games now and it is still geting low FPS quite alot. my main reason i am confused is that in like every game i have played in setings it sais the absolute max ammout of VRAM the settings will use is 5GB. i have 11GB so why wont it just use more to increase fps or something idk? i had some shitty ram, (8GB 1333HZ) and was told that would casue stuttering and could cause lower FPS. i upgraded that to 16GB 2400HZ and got like 25-20 fps back and stuttering massive decreased.
but in some things like ghost recon wild lands ( 2k ultra everything)(and my monitor is 2k also) i still get like 20-30fps sometimes
and in Metro 2033 redux same. (also metro has like FMAA 0.5/2/4 i am playing on x2 casue that game 60fps most of the time. but i just dont get why i cant play at 60 with x4. when i have so much vram free
i am starting to think this may be a CPU bottle necking thing.
i have an i7 4770k, i have heard people say both that it will defo be a bottleneck but didnt say by how much, and others say that it will be minimal or not bottle neck at all at hi resolutions, only at like 1080p or lower.

so i am stumped.
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  1. Games will use however much VRAM as they need to use. Once all buffers, art and geometry assets are loaded into GPU VRAM, there isn't anything left for the game to do with the leftover VRAM.

    Also, if you are playing at high resolution scaling, you are likely burning through the GPU's compute capacity. Once the GPU reaches 100% load, that is it for performance scaling regardless of how much leftover VRAM there is.

    Having a large amount of unused VRAM is pointless when the GPU becomes a significant bottleneck long before games actually need that VRAM.
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  2. You have a top tier GPU and I think your CPU is holding you back a bit. Are you still running that CPU at stock?? Get some more free horse power if you are and tick up the frequency on an over clock. You have a lot more potential in that CPU if it is still at stock. Correct, a GPU is only going to use as much vram as the game calls for. You can not force it to use the extra.
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  3. So what fps is loe cause 1080ti compute capacity may be bottlenecking?
    Whats compute capacity.
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  4. CPUs have a limit to the amount of instruction they can compute per second based on clock, IPC and core count. Same thing for GPUs. When they reach close to 100% utilization, it doesn't matter what other resources are under-used, they're tapped out on performance and cannot go any faster. Once you try to attempt to exceed the GPU's pixel-pushing power by increasing eye-candy and resolution, frame rates drop.
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  5. So what effects this load. Cause i asume it is indapendand from the amout of Vram used.
    Is it more of a resolution thing? Cause i jeard that playing with FMAA at hig setings is simmilar to Dinamic Super resilution and basicaly makes you play in lilke 5k reolutiion.
    Im a wondering if lin the future more graphicy demandlipng games come out card be able them on basicy iltra everythling (but still only lower setings for things like AA)?
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    Resolution in any form (FSAA, super resolution, higher native resolution, etc.) is the main driver for higher GPU computational load. High resolution shadows can be brutal too.
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  7. cool fair enough. i disabled FMAA and it still looks great and i get a sold 60 fos like all this time, so i guess ill just live with it :)
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  8. aryan826 said:
    cool fair enough. i disabled FMAA and it still looks great and i get a sold 60 fos like all this time, so i guess ill just live with it :)

    im havin SAME issue as you. im having 1080ti and i7 4770k. alot of ppl told me im getting bottleneck but alot others are saying i shouldnt even see that.

    sadly i am seeing it and im getting crappy FPS no matter what i do and no matter what resolution i go or what settings i put on.
    is my only option to get new cpu?
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