CPU fans, LED working, no beeps, no POST/BIOS screen, complete black screen

PC won't boot/POST, Only works after unplugging main power cord and letting it rest for some hours only to see it go in a reboot loop at 'loading windows' screen. Safe mode reboots at classpnp.sys
HD 7770 2GB
ASUS M5A97 R2.0
CORSAIR vengeance 4GB DDR3

Suggest methods to fix this issue. Thanks!
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  1. Have you added any new hardware? Did you attempt to do any changes in the bios before this problem happened? You do not leave to leave the power cord disconnected to effect a change. Try this to clear the bios next time. Turn off computer.......disconnect power cord....... remove cmos battery. Wait approx one minute......reinstall battery...... connect power cord and turn the system back on. We will pick back up from there and after you answer the above questions.
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    I tried clearing CMOS by using jumpers and discharging the battery, but to no avail. Also I would like to note that when tested with a GT 210, PC booted fine, no issues, random crashes, etc.
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  3. Sorry for the late response. I think you have solved your own problem by substituting another you know what to do next.
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