I7 7700 gtx 1060 vs ryzen 1600 gtx 1070?

I dont know what to buy i play 1080p @60hz now but i'm upgrading my monitor soon to 144hz of 1440p. I7 choice costs €610
Ryzen choice costs €640

My concern about ryzen, slow boot times, bsods, ram compitability etc. Is it stable and realible?
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  1. For GAMING the Intel Core i7700k is better and faster than any Ryzen CPU it can be overclocked to 5ghz stable. At single-core speed is 36% faster than the Ryzen 1600 but the Ryzen 1600 is 16% faster at multi-core speed.
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  2. Even if you're prepared to spend on a good cooler and overclock the i7 it'll still be held back by the GTX1060, the combination will be fine on your current 60Hz 1080 display and will even be ok at 144Hz/1080 but won't really cut it at 144Hz/1440, more or less forcing you to upgrade to a GTX1070/1080 class of card to make the monitor upgrade work.

    If you go Ryzen, you won't get such a strong CPU, but at 1440 rez its far less of an issue, with so many pixels to throw around a fast GPU is more important and with a 144Hz display you'll really want a GTX1070 as minimum to make that kind of display work.

    Ryzen has had a few 'hiccups' most are ironed out now but I'll suggest you don't go for memory faster than DDR4 3000 and only use two modules to be on the safe side. Also, again to be safe, before you assemble the system download and save to a USB drive the latest available BIOS for your chosen motherboard, that way if you do need to update, you'll have the tools already to hand.

    Out of interest, what parts are you choosing for each build? If you don't want to overclock the i7 you could save cash on the motherboard and memory, maybe enough to squeeze in a GTX1070...Perhaps.
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  3. Im going with 8GB ram, and I think a cheap b250 or z270 mobo. 550w corcair psu, coolermaster masterbox 5, 120gb ssd 1tb wd blue

    Doing Some editing as Well for my drone footage.

    Any recommadations on any cheap mobo? I dont want bios update and i think 4 ram slots zo i can use dubble channel and upgrade later to 16 gigs
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  4. Can you link to those parts? I can't get your i7 OR Ryzen builds down to your prices.
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  5. I just bought the Ryzen 1600 2 days ago. And I'm very much satisfied with my purchase.

    Yes, it was BSODing on me constantly but that was because I hadn't clean installed my windows 10. Seems like older intel based chipset drivers were causing a conflict which further lead to Ryzen BSODing on me. So how did I fix it? I went to msconfig, disabled all cores except for 1 so that it no longer BSODs on me while I make a bootable USB drive for windows 10. Then, I restarted my PC, made a bootable USB drive, and clean installed my windows 10. After that, I downloaded the official AMD chipset drivers straight from AMD's website. All issues were gone. Also updated motherboard to latest BIOS just to be safe.

    And as far as memory issues are concerned, no it doesn't have any of those, just don't forget to enable XMP in your BIOS.

    Coming back to your question. I would get Ryzen 1600 and the GTX 1070 for the following reasons:-
    - That Ryzen chip is unlocked, however that i7 is not if I'm not mistaken.
    - GTX 1070 is significantly better than the GTX 1060 so overall your gaming experience especially if you plan to do some 1440p, would be absolutely great.
    - The gap or the FPS difference between the aforementioned i7 and the ryzen would close down further at 1440p gaming. So I
    don't see any reason as to why you should settle with that i7 and a somewhat mid range GPU.
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    Ryzen 1600 + B350 motherboard + GTX 1070 gets my vote.

    My GTX1060 6G struggles to maintain 40fps+ at 1440p in both Unigine heaven and valley at max settings, DX11, medium tessellation. At my monitor's full resolution of 2560x1600, it's more like 30fps xD. Then again, just about every game I play is super CPU-heavy, so I don't have any real-world numbers for super GPU-heavy titles.

    All this aside, I'd be surprised if you can find a GTX1060 or 1070 for a reasonable price. Ethereum mining or whatever it's called supposedly cleared the shelves of these cards and the RX470/570/480/580 everywhere in the US. No idea about Europe.
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  7. Ryzen 1600 + GTX 1070 easily.
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  8. Don't let anyone fool you. The 1600 is more than good enough to game at 1080p with a 60HZ monitor, and comes with a cooler capable of a slight overclock. At 1440p the difference between the 7700k and the 1600 almost disappear, because the GPU becomes the bottle neck. Here are some video's.

    Is a $160 CPU Enough for Gaming?
    Tech YES City
    Published on Jun 14, 2017
    Today we pit the AMD Ryzen 5 1400 against the Intel i7 7700k with the Radeon and Geforce Mid-Range Champions (The RX 580 & GTX 1060 Cards) to see how much of a difference there is and also whether the performance you could gain off a 7700k is worth it when compared to the Ryzen 5 1400. Everything in this comparison was overclocked to relatively normal levels for air and water overclocks.

    Best CPU for Streaming? - RYZEN 1600x vs INTEL i5 - Streaming Shoot-Out
    Published on Apr 10, 2017
    AMD Ryzen 5 is HERE! Today! I’m testing the Ryzen 1600x & Ryzen 1500x, With Gameplay, Overclocks, Streaming etc etc… This vid; is the AMD Ryzen 1600x good for Streaming? 1600x vs i5 for Twitch Streaming.
    “Episode o” “Fake Builds” VS REAL Gaming PC’s PEOPLE USE! - My AMD Ryzen 5 vids are probably a Bit Different
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  9. 7700K + 1070 :)
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