high end pc very slow and terrible performance

So its been 10 months since i made this pc. Running and perfoming on max settings like a dream. Yesterday it was good. But today when i woke up a turned it on and i played a league of legends game with my friend. It dropped to 30-50 fps. rocket league 30fps all games running like shit. I have unistalled the drivers. I have done everything.So i got an idea. I should benchmark the pc. I have done it before and it was very awesome but now its extremely slow . PLEASE help me
Cpu temps:Now that's summer its about 50-61 depends on the game. Outside its like 37C here in Greece. But on winter is like 36-50 depends on the game.
GPU:are 10C-20C lower everytime.
i7 6700k
MSi Gaming X 1070
Msi GAMING M7 Z170
Nepton 240m
8gb Ram
500 ssd
Windows 7
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  1. Ohh the joy of summergaming, although in the Northern part of europe... ambient temps are not an issue.

    It sound like thermal throtteling to me... although at the temps to give this should not occur.

    What are you using to monitor the temps?
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  2. For these temps I used Speccy and HWmonitor

    These framedrops have happended to be in the past but it was nvidia's driver problem not mine. NOW the problem occured when I left my pc download a game over night cause Internet here in GREECE isn't fast. I closed my pc when the download finished and when I woke up I played League Of Legends with a friend of mine and i had like 30fps 40fps temps just fine for summer with 36C outside.

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    Sudden drop-offs can be many things.
    First thing I'd do is install something like Ccleaner and clear out the old crud, quite often little nasties hide in the various .Temp folders scattered throughout Windows and this is a good way to see the back of them without a virus/malware scan.
    Check TaskManager, see if anything is using up a lot of memory/CPU/GPU time, Ccleaner won't shift most virus or malware infections.
    Yep, next stop IS a virus and malware scan. ;)
    While the CPU temperatures seem fine, also check the GPU, something like HWInfo is a great all rounder and can read plenty of sensors making it a handy 'one stop' for this kind of troubleshooting.
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  4. Ok will do them. And also it's not only fps drops in game is the pc is in general slower than how it was. If you think of dust i cleaned it last week
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  5. Weird to have every single component underperforming by that much. Any chance it set itself to power save mode?
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  6. Ok so i checked the cpu usage and it goes high more example i checked it while i was opening chrome and it went around 59. When in the past it only used like 5-10 the max. I think there is a problem with the cpu.Should i check BIOS or something like it ?The cpu tries to much to open an image or general browser.
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  7. sudden spikes in cpu activity are not rare, rather get MSI afterburner here you can control the GPU fan and simioustanliy montior gpu temps, cpu temps and usage... You could try a clean install of OS. THat will probably be more fruiitful than CCleaner.
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  8. Can you verify your CPU is actually running at it's rated 4 GHz speed, and put up a screenshot of Task Manager to show CPU usage? The benchmark shot you posted showed a high background CPU value.
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  9. also 8 GB of ram might be cutting it abit short... so check the mem usage as well.
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