i7 7700k overclocking to 5ghz Stable Help!!!

Hi there I'm trying to overclock a 7700k to 5ghz on a Msi Z170a m5. I have a Nzxt kraken x62 cooler what voltages should I use Also I have Corsair Rm 750x Corsair lpx ddr4 2400mhz
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  1. YouTube my friend YouTube
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  2. There is no magic number. You have to go through a slow trial and error and work your way up.
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  3. Every cpu piece is different, as corwin65 said, you have to work your way to the ideal voltage. Try using some numbers others have used or maybe add a bit more than them for safety, don't overdo it though, there is a max cap, and then subtract till you find the lowest for you!
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    You can set voltage to 1.4 and multiplier to 50, then run your stress test and if stable start lowering voltage until it becomes unstable, at that point go back up a bump and you are done. It is highly unlikely that you can lower voltage if at all.
    If at 1.4 your 5ghz was unstable, you have a choice to go up in voltage and see if it gets stable, but it won't be likely at that point and above 1.4v you are risking the CPU.
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