Can My asus Q524UQ laptop support a bluetooth stylus

Want to find a good stylus for my laptop.
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  1. In order to use stylus (and not just a stick with rubbery stuff at the end), your laptop must have support for active stylus, and not every laptop does.
    I see no mention for it in Asus page and there is none sold as an accessory, so I would rather answer "None".
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  2. Asus mention this nowhere, and that listing does not say what laptops are supported.
    Found that on Newegg:
    DOES NOT WORK WITH ANY ASUS SERIES LAPTOP OTHER THAN T102, T303, AND T305. I bought it without knowing that (since there IS no information on this pen anywhere I could find by just Googling it) and just wasted $50.
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  3. In order for the laptop to be able to use a digital pen, the laptop screen must include a technology known as active digitizer and of course the laptop itself must include a circuitry to support the active digitizer. The Asus laptop lacks such technology and therefore it will not support a digital pen.
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