Best Ryzen 5 1600 Air Cooler?

Hey, I've been looking around recently for a good air cooler to pair with the Ryzen 5 1600. I am planning this build: with upgrades to some later. I want to be able to do a mild overclock, but I am trying to stay away from water cooling solutions.

Any wisdom is appreciated, thanks.

Edit: forgot to add that I would love it to have a white/black color scheme.
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    I...don't know that you have specific coolers for ryzen particularly. Typically air cooler manufacturers will include different set of brackets for amd/ryzen, and some coolers will have that included, and for some you'd get that separately. You can check that on the manufacturer's page as it should be clearly listed. Here's a nice comparison of good air coolers:,4181.html
    I'd go for one of the mid ones, or, depending on how much overclocking you intend to do possibly one of the big ones.
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