Help Me Choose a CPU for a New Build - So Freakin'g Confused!

My current PC is about 6 years old and just gave up its life, so I'm without a computer and looking to build a new one. The problem I'm having is I have no idea what to choose for the CPU - it's a really confusing time right now. I want something that can go for a while like my old computer.


-Purely gaming. Absolutely nothing else. No streaming, youtube recording, photoshop, etc. just gaming.

-Gaming will be in 2560x1440 or 3440x1440 ultra widescreen. I know at this resolution games are more dependent on the video card, but CPU is still important to me.

-Would like the computer to go at least five years while making incremental upgrades, mainly to the video card. That means the cpu and motherboard need to last.

I've narrowed it down to two CPUs. I'm open to other suggestions, except for AMD. I'll flat out admit, I'm biased against them and very hesitant to go with a Ryzen because of perceived compatibility issues they might have with games. If you think I'm wrong on this, let me know. My other issue is I can't really wait several months since my current computer is done. I understand Coffee Lake may be my actual best choice, but I don't know when that's coming out.

First Choice: i7 7700k

-Fastest gaming CPU to my understanding.
-Can readily overclock

-Doesn't seem like it's going to hold up well for the future.
-Only four cores.
-Heat spikes? This seems to be a big issue with this CPU, with other people saying its perfectly normal.

Second Choice: i9 7280x
-8 Cores
-Seems to have similar performance to the i7700k from early benchmarks, with performance likely to increase over time.
-Should hold up for several years. With DX12 gaming and more developers using multiple cores, this seems the way things are going.
-Possibly good at overclocking?

-New platform, which means buggy and possibly lots of issues.
-Maybe games won't go with multiple core use, and the 8 cores are completely wasted.
-Bad heat and/or power problems.
-More Money

So what do you all think? Or is there a choice of something else I should be considering? Or should I really, really hang in there until Coffee Lake? Bonus question: For the i7, I have a choice between the MSI Gaming M5/7 motherboard and the Asus ROG Maximus Hero IX. For the I9, I have the choice between the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon and the Asus TUF Mark II. Which motherboard do you think is best? I'm leaning towards MSI in both cases.
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    Well that's what I was saying about the i9, it's for people who have more money than they do desire to build computers. If you want a computer to last 6 years or more without upgrading the CPU and you have the money to throw at an i9 then go for it.

    I think I know what you mean about Ryzen compatibility, but those are minor performance issues that simply lose out on a few frames compared to Intel. Nothing major that I'm aware. Different games favor either Intel or AMD.

    At higher resolutions you don't need as much CPU, at 1440p the 7700K would probably be fine for awhile. At 4K there would be no point in the i9 unless you were streaming, recording, etc. But hey, no one can predict the future. Maybe the developers at AMD and Intel no what's coming, but I wouldn't expect the CPU to keep up with it to cost over $999 if it were anytime soon.
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  2. I really don't think many games will be out the next 3-5 years that a 7700K will have issues with......especially at 1440P or above...
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  3. Of those two choices, I'd go 7700k every day. Get a good cooler tho and try to keep the voltage as low as it will remain stable.
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