Hows the ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F motherboard for oc and ram compatibility ?


i am looking for a new board and dunno if asus rog's vrm will be able to hold the oc r7 1700 and gskill trident z rgb 3200mhz
i was gonna go for msi mortar b4

anyone knows hows asus's bios and updates????

thank you
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  1. For now I recommend to buy the RAM no more than 3000mhz, if you can get the good deal, then go ahead to buy the 3200mhz, but run the RAM at 3000mhz, even you update the BIOS to the newer version, the beta 0803.

    Some info for the ryzen with RAM.
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  2. dude this article is pre agesa.... so is it patched?
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  3. Even they released the newer bios with agesa micro-code, they still have problem, that is why they added the list of certified DDR4 memory for Ryzen. Check it out.
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  4. um i m getting ceritfied gskill one tridentz rgb
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