No signal after installing new PSU and GPU

Hi, I have a custom built PC with these specs:

Cool Master Mid Tower
Gigabyte GA - F2A68HM-H Motherboard
AMD A10 7860k Processor

So I installed everything correctly, checked the wiring numerous times. I even switched out an hdmi cable for a display port to the monitor but no matter what I do I'm still getting a "no signal" message on my monitor. The system is working fine, I can tell it boots just fine when I turn it on, I'm just not getting a signal. I took out the GPU and tried with just the PSU and connected the hdmi to the motherboard but I'm still getting the same message. I'm out of ideas at the moment.
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  1. might be a DOA power supply. If you have the old PSU, try that with the graphics card
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    First, take out the new GPU. Do a CMOS rest of the mobo - check the mobo manual on how to do this. The purpose of doing the CMOS reset is to be sure you have the mobo video enabled. It may have gotten disabled when you had the GPU installed. Hook up the monitor to one of the mobo's video out ports. See if you can boot up to the bios and/or windows. If you can get this far, you know that the new PSU is OK.

    Now go back and reinstall the GPU, and switch the video cable to the GPU. Hopefully, you'll get a video signal and then install the GPU drivers. If not, maybe a bad GPU that you need to RMA.
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