Overclocking my AMD A10 6790k to 4.3Ghz Default: 4Ghz

I don't care if it won't boost up that much just someone explain how to do it please
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    Overclocking is not something that can just happen like that. It is trial and error. It can take hours, days or even weeks. You have to make sure you do some testing to make sure you are stable. Here is a great guide about overclocking.

    However, that chip is pretty weak, and you probably will not see a lot of improvements.
    BIOS Overclocking for Beginners
    Firstly, I wan't you to check if you have features in your BIOS that support overclocking, if no, I'll compose a different guide. If yes, continue below!!Right here we go!Here are a few key words you need to know:Base Clock: affects your CPU frequency,... Read More
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