EVGA G3 550W vs EVGA G3 650W

Hi !

My old crappy 550W TACENS PSU fried just 2 days ago. So I am using a cheap Backup PSU without gaming and only connected integrated Intel GPU for more security (40ºC Here)

I decided to buy a EVGA Supernova G3 (G2 are the same price), cause I saw the good reviews and I want a component for the next 7 - 10 years.

Now comes my doubt, with the problems of overkill the necessary consumption, and reach a bad inefficient threshold at idle load.

So wich one should I buy ? The money difference in my region is just 10€
550W vs 650W

Right now I am running:
R9 270X 2GB
1 SSD EVO 840 256GB
2 Old SATA3 1TB
2 120mm Case Fans

But in next months i will change my GPU surely for a Nvidia 1070 or a new AMD RX serie 5

Thanks and regards.
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    well for 10euro for next 7-10 years its peace of mind you know you do not have to worry about it I would go 650 I have a 750 but probably never need it but who knows what we are going to need in the future.
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